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If you are not 100 % satisfied, tell us immediately and we will rectify any oversight.

Who We Are

Our company specializes in both household and commercial cleaning. We provide personalized and customized services to homes, restaurants, offices, factories and car parks.

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Do not risk

A disaster by using the wrong chemicals on your floor. Our experts will advice on the safest and most effective cleaning methods for all your cleaning challenges.


We are more professional Not more expensive

With smaller budget these days our clients expect maximum value from a cleaning service and we deliver through quality results and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job will be done properly.


Our Products & Services

Cleaning & Maintenance Services

We offer a lot more than a basic cleaning, External & High Rise cleaning, Floor Stripping and Sealing, Moving Furniture and Landscaping as well.

Simple and more cost effective for you.

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Machinery, Cleaning Equipments & Chemicals

Energy efficiency and ecofriendly are two aspects implemented to most products these days. Presenting IOE Cleaning & Maintenance Services , the importer and distributor of Machinery, Cleaning Equipments & Chemicals products.

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MSM Rental Service

MSM Rental Service, are different and able to meet your transportation needs.

Our approach is simple: Give the cheapest rates, no-hassle customer service, better cars, discounts and friendlier policies.

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Budget Car Wash

Budget Car Wash is an automobile tending specialist with highly experienced and energetic in grooming and care for all types of vehicles.

Customer Satisfactions is our ultimate goal

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