Mr. Mahmud Shah Lathif

Mr. Mahmud Shah Lathif

Company Director

Mr. Mahmud is the founder of IOE Cleaning and Maintenance Services. He has evolved the company from the scratch. Building on his extensive experience in the contract cleaning industry.

As a company director, he is hands- on and result driven person. Even though he’s the company director, he also will participate and do the cleaning jobs too. He is an easy communication person, means that anybody that have something to talk about, can directly talk and discuss to him. He’s very good in taking care of customer satisfaction by making it a long business relationship. He does the job for the people, not for profit. He always take care the punctuality and the quality of work as the most important thing to achieve great customer satisfaction.

In context of leadership, Mr. Mahmud applies two ways kind of communication. He will give opportunity and consider any new ideas and plans even though it comes from the lowest part of the management. He is a well-planning person and can make a wise decision even in a short time. He is also a very understanding and soft-hearted person in taking care of his worker. He treats his worker like a friend and will listen and try to solve any worker’s problem. Mr. Mahmud strongly believes that when the workers are happy, henceforth, the customers also will happy as the services given to them will be an excellent top-notch.

Before Mr. Mahmud started this company, one of the most valuable working experienced that he had was to work at McDonalds Singapore for 2 years. He gain lots of skills here especially in maintaining and serving good quality of food. He also gained the skills on how to deal with customer satisfaction, wants and needs. Other than that, he also had experienced in money changer field for 3 years at Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Here, he learned on how to face and deal with customer trust.

He began to get involved in cleaning and maintenance services when he joined this one private cleaning company. He was appointed as general manager and work less than 1 year there. During the time he work as manager there, he realise that he’s capable of managing the company. So, he began to realise that he also capable of finding more opportunities to break the cleaning and services market.

Finally, on 15th November 2013, he successfully incorporated his own company called IOE Cleaning and Maintenance Services. He is the founder, yet he also the cleaning worker during that time. The first project that he got was a landscape project from 1 person and he was the only person who manage that landscape. Mr. Mahmud had a good relationship with his customer, so this had brought him to better opportunities in expanding his business. Currently, his company has more than 100 workers and he has been working with lots of Johor Bahru developers such as Medini Iskandar, Sunway, Country Garden, SP Setia, Forest City, UEM Sunrise and many more. Since he has an astounding performance and reputation in community, he gains people respect honorably.

As in a nutshell, Mr. Mahmud has a future vision to venture his business not only in Malaysia, but to other countries as well. One of his mission is to have more than 500 workers under him, he’s not only become the leader but he also want to be able to take care of the employees welfare as well. Cleaning will never ends, so he will always grab this opportunity no matter what.

If there’s one thing that we dislike more that dirt, that’s an unhappy client”.