Ms. Shazlina Abdullah

Ms. Shazlina Abdullah

Company Director

Ms. Shazlina was graduated with Diploma in Medical Imaging. She helps the company to be more organise as she has an abundant experience in the cleaning, equipment, machinery and chemical supply industry.

Ms. Shazlina is very hands-on person as she is the director and the company worker at the same time. She is very friendly with customer and workers as well as manages the creative, compliance and planning sides of the business. She also the motivator to encourage and take care of employees’ welfare.

Ms. Shazlina started her early career as Chief Executive Officer at local money changer for 1 year. She learned a lot on how to detect money laundering activities. Next, she moved to banking field by joining City Bank at customer service centre for 1 year. Here, she learned how to deal with stress and customer satisfaction. She also gained the skill to make a wise decision within a short time.

Finally, in 2014, Ms. Shazlina joined IOE Cleaning and Maintenance Services as one of the company director. She will make sure all the system in the company well-organise especially in Human Resource Department. She will manage company’s payroll, recruitment, filing and marketing as well. She also the one who created the first profile for this company.

For future vision, Ms. Shazlina hopes that this company will grow more and venture it not only in cleaning industry, but other fields as well. Thus, this company will have an excellent strategic planning, a well-structured organising system, an honorable leadership and professionality in coordinating business.